Marat Basharov’s ex-wife spoke of domestic violence in marriage to actor: “He beat me in the third month of pregnancy”



Elizaveta Shevyrkova and Marat Basharov

The 45-year-old actor Marat Basharov repeatedly raised his hand to his ex-wives – this became known thanks to his ex-spouses who publicly accused him of domestic violence. However, he himself did not deny that he really beat them.

For the first time, his second wife Elizaveta Shevyrkova decided to talk about marriage to an actor. She became the heroine of the “Live” program with Andrei Malakhov, where she shared the details of life with Basharov. According to Elizabeth, after separating from the actor, she recovered for a very long time.

I studied with a psychologist, my friends and relatives helped me,

She says.

According to Shevyrkova, the first time her ex-husband beat her while she was pregnant with their son Marcel. This happened when she decided, with the daughter of actor Elizabeth Krutsko Amelie, to visit her in Germany.

I was in the third month of pregnancy. Marat toured Germany, called and said, “Come see me with Amélie, take a walk.” We arrived, walked one day, and then he played the show. After each performance, especially on tour – a treat. All the distributors meet Marat, like the last time, they are in competition, which will meet more hospitable. Amélie and I went to bed – she had a separate bedroom. Around 5 am, drunk Marat arrives. Go to bed. Before that, I always attacked myself psychologically: “You are such, you fuck, you are pregnant – now I am tormented with you, you are ugly, generally I like another …” I wanted to believe that it was drunk stupidity. Because in the morning, he said that there was no one more dear than Amélie, me and the future baby … And here everything starts again. I ask him to be quiet. And I take a glass of water from the shelf and pour it. It was my fatal mistake. He started to choke. I managed to escape to another room …

She says.

Elizaveta Shevyrkova and Marat Basharov with their son Marcel

She admitted that after that, the husband started asking for forgiveness and promised that it would not happen again.

Throughout the pregnancy, I did not raise my hand, I only insisted psychologically,

She says.

Basharov’s domestic violence continued even after the birth of their son, who was born in July 2016, for example, Basharov broke his wife’s finger and nose right in front of the child’s eyes.

After that, the child did this: “Dad mom, blow …” The child was lying down with a temperature, then for a week, he started to throw everything, tore the handle by the refrigerator. And Marat was resting in France. Everything inside was burned. Children shouldn’t grow up in this area,

She says.

After that, she decided that she would no longer tolerate it and asked for a divorce.

Shevyrkova added that Basharov always drinks a lot and that she does not allow him to see his son intoxicated, because in this state he behaves inappropriately, she even changed the locks on the apartment. She insisted that it be encoded, but Basharov refused. However, she does not give up hope that he will stop drinking for the sake of his children.

I really want it to be encoded, sewn. Then I will easily leave my son with him …

She says.

Recall that after the last interview in which Basharov admitted to being attacked, a petition appeared on the site of urging him to deprive him of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and the title of artist honored by Tatarstan. By the way, his ex-wife Yekaterina Arkharova Basharov, intoxicated beaten in a coma. Shortly after, she filed for divorce. Their marriage lasted only a few months.

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