Marinovich: I would not advise Ukraine to run after the marshy fireflies of authoritarianism and populism



Marinovich: I would not advise Ukraine to run after the marshy fireflies of authoritarianism and populism

At a time when the pandemic is once again highlighting the eternal dilemma of autocracy or democracy, Ukraine and the world must turn to eternal values.

This was stated by the philosopher, human rights activist, vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, member of the initiative group of December 1 Miroslav Marinovich during an online discussion on the Forum Security Council, reports a Ukrinform correspondent.

“I have no doubt that the current appeal of authoritarianism is misleading. It can only make the crisis worse, but not deal with it, ”said Marinovich.

He recalled that after the Second World War, humanity invented a new philosophy of life: non-violence, humiliation, violation of human rights. “A set of values ​​has formed which we now call European. A collective security and dormitory system has been built under them, in particular the Euro-Atlantic solidarity mechanisms, the OSCE and the project of a common European home, “he said.

Now, he says, “all of these structures and mechanisms are sliding.”

“The framework of values ​​becomes ideological. Is this the end of globalization? The end of humanity’s hope for unity? The answers to these questions are vital for Ukraine, because we can only remain an independent state in this Europe, which remains faithful to the post-war European values. Without this European “airbag”, a new army of Muravyov will again flood Ukraine, because in Russia, there will always be many who want to “punish the Ukrainians”. But it is with values ​​that there is a problem, ”explained Marinovich.

He said the current change in value in Europe has had at least two negative consequences.

“Firstly, the post-war European mechanisms and procedures seemed to be blocked, because the values ​​on which they grew were subject to correction. Second, in the eyes of many anxious Europeans, Putin with his “Russian world” has become the protector of traditional values. I am convinced that it is this change in value that has become the underlying cause of the current crisis, ”said the philosopher.

According to Marinovich, humanity is once again obliged to resolve the dilemma of the interdependence of security and values, moreover, at a time when world politics has a bias for the logic “security is above all”. And he recalled the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Those who give up freedom to temporarily gain little security deserve neither freedom nor security.”

“Replace the word” freedom “here with” values ​​”- and you will receive a verdict on the current effort to maintain peace when values ​​sacrifice security. As a result, this is exactly what they want to preserve – peace and security … That is why I would not advise Ukraine to drive out the marshy fireflies of authoritarianism, populism, lack of professionalism, and rather to validate values ​​- and then we will resonate with a prosperous future, “he said.

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He added that now that people are confused, you must remember the Maidan.

“Then the state was almost paralyzed. And we at Maidan have received a frenzied force that has hit all of Europe. Where does this power come from? Values! If we rely on values, nature itself helps, gives us strength. Of course, you cannot live all the time on Maidan, all the time on enthusiasm, but if we have seen that values ​​give strength, then we must learn to live according to values ​​- not just fight for them, “said Marinovic.

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