mass production started


The debut of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is getting closer and closer, the second generation of the smartphone with a folding display of the Korean house, which will officially debut in the summer, probably in August with the new Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ and a new top-notch tablet Galaxy Tab S20.

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will resume work Ultra-Thin Glass Screen Protector This Korean company introduced on the Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone with a folding casing and a folding display, presented in February last year. The new ultra-thin glass guarantees a significantly higher level of protection compared to the solutions characteristic of the first generation Fold, which, as you recall, were late for the market due to various technical problems with the display.

Samsung aims to significantly increase the production goal of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It is expected that the smartphone will be released in 3 million copies (the first Fold stopped at 500 thousand units). Regarding the price, however, the price list will remain very high. In Italy, in fact, the new Fold 2 (which will have the top of the specification) must have the price is about 2 thousand euros.

More detailed information about the project will be available in the coming weeks.


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