Massacre in Zhytomyr region: victims were participants in the ATO



On the night of Friday, May 22, a terrible crime occurred in the Zhytomyr region – a man who turned out to be a professional hunter killed seven people.

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According to Deputy Minister of the Interior Anton Gerashchenko, the owner of the pond, to whom the company rented it, shot at the company of his friends:

“That night there was a tragedy in the forests of the Zhytomyr region. Near the pond, not far from. Novoselitsa, rested a company of 8 people. All are residents of the capital, longtime friends who have rested. With them was the tenant of the pond. After drinking alcohol, 6 vacationers went to bed and two others stayed with the tenant and continued to drink alcohol “.

In addition, around one o’clock in the morning, the tenant (who is a professional hunter), due to apparent hostile relations, took out his gun and started shooting the campers:

“First, his victims were two who drank alcohol with him. Then he went to the sleeping people in the house and started killing them. In total, he killed 8 people and one of the tourists, after hearing the shots, managed to escape and call the police. He was not injured. “

The man who murdered 7 people has already been arrested and is in detention. First, he will be sent for a psychiatric examination to understand if he can be tried or sent for compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Later, it turned out that the seven dead were participants of the ATO. The youngest was born in 1990 and the oldest was born in 1970. The company arrived at the pond on May 21 for leisure purposes.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the organizer of the assassination of Amina Okueva had been informed of suspicions.



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