Maxim Galkin, like Batman, sang “the anthem of self-isolation” and shot Alla Pugacheva: video



Maxim Galkin in the image of Batman interpreted

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva

The self-isolation in the family of Maxim Galkin, 43, and Alla Pugacheva, 71, is fun and positive – fans of the couple have already been convinced of this thanks to the showman’s publications on Instagram, in which he showed many times how, with kids, Lisa and Harry, six, Lisa and Harry, have fun in quarantine. And yesterday, Galkin shared a new video, in which he played “the hymn of self-isolation” to the music of the operetta “The princess of the circus”.

Maxim devoted the video to the difficulties and problems that we all face when sitting at home: overeating, laziness, prohibition on walking and inability to meet friends and relatives, compulsory wearing of masks and other disadvantages and limitations. Alla Pugacheva also appeared in the video: the prima donna appeared on the balcony, from where she stretched her hands with gloves to her husband, thus demonstrating the required social distance and the inability to get close to her lover.

In the second part of the video, Galkin tried out the Batman costume, in which he stood against the backdrop of a superhero sculpture. So, he alluded to the version that the coronavirus has spread due to the use of bats.

If you wish, the world will change easily. Just need to eat a bat,

He sang.

Maxim Galkin in the image of Batman interpreted

Maksim GalkinMaxim Galkin in the image of Batman interpreted Alla PugachevaMaxim Galkin in the image of Batman interpreted

Despite the fact that this time there are not two children in the frame, a new Galkin video blew up the network. The humor of the TV presenter was appreciated by his fans and many famous friends, including Valeria, Kristina Orbakaite, Stas Piekha and many others.

Magnificent music, a breathtaking voice, an unusual timbre and a hot topic. Maxim, as always, on top! Well done!

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