Maybe he’s drunk: the scandalous Soloviev was caught on an inadequate act live in the RosTV studio (Video)



The scandalous Russian television presenter was further distinguished by his inappropriate behavior on the air of his program.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Another shame for Solovyov.
Soloviev was dishonored by a strange turn in the air. Photo:

While a female voice spoke about the weather forecast, Solovyov began to make strange movements with his arms and legs, either as elements of oriental gymnastics, or the movements of an unknown beast during a hunt.

This extremely strange behavior of the television presenter did not go unnoticed by the audience. A video of a strange dance performed by such a dancer, who does not interfere with his pants, has been posted on the Internet.

It was published by one of the most famous Russian bloggers, Stalingulag, on his Twitter page.

As indicated. The indignant blogger, for this scandalous television presenter, is paid 70,000 per minute.

“He needs haloperidol and a strait-jacket”, – concluded blogger Stalingulag.

Russians on social media strongly criticized this behavior of the TV presenter.

“Dancing under the weather forecast is a whole new level. The experience is immediately visible – it will dance to the rhythm of power in any position, whatever the melody “,” And there are big health and mental problems “ – Twitter users have commented.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin received another powerful blow.

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