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Of the possible candidates for the post of NBU chief, the three names sound the most frequently



Today, President Vladimir Zelensky supported the resignation of Jacob Smolley from the post of NBU chief and registered Verkhovna Rada draft resolution number 3772 on the dismissal of the head of the National Bank. It should be considered today.

Who can take the post of head of regulator? The media have three names: Vladimir Lavrochuk, Kirill Shevchenko and Timofe Milovanov.

Vladimir Lavanchuk – Former head of the board of Raisen Bank Aval. He was already called a candidate for the post of NBU chief after the resignation of Valeria Gontareva. After 14 years of work at Raiffeisen, the banker announced his interest in working on the supervisory board of a state bank, but is still unemployed.

Kirill Shevchenko – Executive head of state Ukragsbank. In 2019, he disagreed with some decisions of the National Bank on strengthening the hryvnia exchange rate and a slow reduction in the discount rate.

Timofe Milovanov – Chairman of the Kiev School of Economics, Alexei Goncharuk was the Minister for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture in the government. He is also a professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

Another scenario is that if the Parliament votes against the resignation of Smoley, then Yaakov Smoly can continue in his post.

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Yakov Smoly submitted his resignation on 1 July. He has held this position since March 2018. In 2019, Smoly was recognized as the best central banker of the year in Central and Eastern Europe. In May this year, Smolie announced he would hold the post until the completion of the cadet in 2025. However, due to political pressure on the National Bank, the current head of the regulator resigned.

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