Media: Mikhail Efremov attempted suicide



Media: Mikhail Efremov attempted suicide

Mikhail Efremov

According to the telegram chain Mash, Mikhail Efremov, 56, who became the culprit of the fatal accident, attempted suicide at home. According to the source, earlier the relatives of the actor noticed a crimson band on the artist’s neck, which is a characteristic sign during the hanging. After that, he was called by psychiatric specialists.

Media: Mikhail Efremov attempted suicide

Monday evening June 8, Michael had an accident in the center of Moscow. The drunk actor, while driving his jeep at high speed, passed through a solid double, entered the oncoming lane and crashed into a pickup truck.

Media: Mikhail Efremov attempted suicide

The driver of the van Sergey Zakharov was seriously injured: the victim was diagnosed with a fracture of the ribs on both sides, a fracture of the cervical spine, a hip fracture, a traumatic brain injury and injuries to the internal organs. He died early Tuesday morning in hospital. Efremov himself was not seriously injured.

This morning, the court decided that the actor would be under house arrest until August 9. Efremov pleaded guilty. He faces up to 12 years in prison.

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