Media movement called Onufry’s call to church at Easter as a diversion



Media movement called Onufry's call to church at Easter as a diversion

The media movement plans to appeal to believers in the UOC Primate of the Moscow Patriarchate Onufry to come to church during the coronavirus epidemic at Easter and pray in the streets as sabotage against the Ukrainian people.

This is stated in the statement of the Media Movement and Public Media Organizations of Ukraine, published in the Media Detector.

“We, representatives of the Media for Conscious Choice Media movement and public media organizations of Ukraine, condemn the appeal of the UOC Primate of the Moscow Patriarchate Onufry to parishioners to come to Easter service in the church during a coronavirus epidemic, “the statement said.

The statement said that as part of the coronavirus pandemic, the government has banned mass events in Ukraine, including religious ones. On the eve of the Easter holidays, most church leaders urge believers to stay at home and watch the divine services online.

“At the same time, the UOC Primate of the Moscow Patriarchate Onufry, in an appeal dated April 14, 2020, said that anyone can come and serve in the church and pray on the street in accordance with health standards. We view this statement as an attempt to sabotage the Ukrainian people, the church, parishioners are in danger of death not only themselves, but also their children, parents, neighbors, health workers – everyone nearby. ” , says the press release.

Thus, add the authors of the declaration, all quarantine measures that are forced to harm the economy for the health of Ukrainians will be leveled.

“The new distribution of COVID-19 due to congestion in churches will affect not only the health of its citizens, but also the image of Ukraine. Power that cannot cope with the pandemic risks losing trust both in the country and among international partners and investors. “, – the authors of the statement.

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The media movement and organizations in the media community urge the Ukrainian authorities to strengthen the explanation given to citizens on the need to celebrate Easter at home and not to go to church during an epidemic of coronavirus.

“We understand the delicate situation of the Ukrainian authorities, who want to avoid accusations of interference in the social life of religious communities. But what is happening now is nothing more than an attempt by the Kremlin to transfer responsibility for the future deaths of Ukrainian citizens of different faiths to the Ukrainian authorities “, in a statement.

The statement’s authors also call on the Ukrainian media to demonstrate social responsibility and to educate their audiences about the dangers of a quarantine violation. “A visit to the church under current conditions threatens the health and life of Ukrainians, and also increases the burden on the economy. Someone has to pay for the treatment of patients, in the case of public funds, taxpayers Massive infection of believers can have dire consequences, “the statement’s authors said.

In addition to the Media Movement, the declaration was signed by the NGO Internews-Ukraine, the NGO Detector Media, the Sustіlnіst Foundation, Dmitry Krapivenko, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian Tizhen journal, the Media Institute and the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law NGO (TSEDEM), NGO Institute of Democracy by the name of Pilip Orlik “, Public organization” Platform for Human Rights “, Public organization” Ukrainian Institute of Media and Communication “, Public organization” Institute for the Development of Regional Press “,” Beyond the News “information campaign.

As reported by Ukrinform, the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine (UOC MP) urges believers to attend quarantine services, while the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) in the Russian Federation itself requests parishioners observe quarantine and self-isolation.

On April 13, the mayor of Kiev, Vitaliy Klitschko, announced that the Kiev Pechersk Lavra had been closed for quarantine by decision of the capital’s emergency committee. According to Klitschko, the total number of clergy in the laurel with a coronavirus is around 90 people.

According to the cost center, at 9 a.m. on April 15 in Ukraine, 3,764 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 108 were fatal, 143 patients recovered. 392 new cases were recorded per day.

Among the founders of the Media for Mindful Choice Media movement, founded on February 5, 2019, are UA: First, Ukrainian Radio, Gromada Radio, IA Ukrinform, IA Interfax-Ukraine,, Zerkalo weeks. Ukraine ”,“ New Time ”,“ ”, Channel 5,“ Ukrainian Tizhen ”, Opinion, as well as a number of regional media and public institutions.

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