Media reports that Metropolitan Onufry has a coronavirus – refuted by UOC-MP



Media reports that Metropolitan Onufry has a coronavirus - refuted by UOC-MP

The UOC-MP declares that its leader, Metropolitan Onufry, and its entrepreneur, Metropolitan Anthony, are in good health and preparing for the divine liturgy for Easter.

The corresponding message was published on the UOC MP Information Center page on Facebook amid media reports that Metropolitan Onufry and Anthony had been infected with the coronavirus.

“At this time, Metropolitan Onufry is preparing for the liturgy and the meeting of the Resurrection of Christ. His bliss is healthy and feels good. The head of the UOC, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) is in the Laver of Pechersk from Kiev, he is in good health and is also preparing for the divine Easter liturgy. ” to post.

The UOC-MP also declared that Metropolitan Onufriy will perform the Easter service in the church of his house today. It should be noted that “such a decision was taken in order to avoid the accumulation of believers who wish each year to attend the Easter liturgy, led by the Primate of the UOC”.

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Earlier, religious truth published with reference to sources in the Pechersk laurel of Kiev that Metropolitan Onufry, Metropolitan Anthony and the Rector of the Kiev Theological Academy at Pechersk in Kiev, Bishop Sylvester, had found a coronavirus, they were hospitalized.

According to the publication source, Metropolitan Onufriy and Anthony “passed the coronavirus test anonymously and were hospitalized under other names” in order to “protect the UOC-MP from charges on the eve of Easter”.

“Most likely, Metropolitan Onufriy will not hold the Easter liturgy, because for him, now, the most important problem remains his own health, and not the reputation of the Church,” quotes the publication in the words of its source.

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As reported by Ukrinform, the head of the UOC-MP, Metropolitan Onufry, said that the services will take place in the churches at Easter, despite the quarantine.

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky called on the leaders of churches of all faiths to organize services without the presence of believers, so as not to create crowds and therefore not to contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not perform the traditional consecration of Easter dishes in churches and on temple territories, and visits to cemeteries on funeral days have been postponed until June 6.

On April 13, the mayor of Kiev, Vitaliy Klitschko, announced that the Pechersk Lavra from Kiev had been quarantined by decision of the capital’s emergency committee. More than 100 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Lavra.

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