Set Up Mediacom Email for Outlook, iPhone, and Android

Mediacom is one of the top-rated email services in the United States. If you want to use a Mediacom email account with external programs like MS Outlook, iOS, and Android, Mediacom has made it relatively easy for their customers to do so.

However, if you are unaware of any Mediacom email settings, we have got you covered. Knowing how to configure your email account could help you dodge problems you could face otherwise.

Therefore, in this article, I will walk you through easy-to-follow steps to set up your account for Outlook, iPhone, and Android. If you are interested, keep on reading! 

Mediacom Email Settings for Outlook

To set up a Mediacom email account on Outlook, you need to follow these steps mentioned below:

1) Launch the Outlook application on your computer

2) Navigate to the File option

3) Now, choose the Account Settings option

4) Next, select the New button and then click on Server Settings

5) Click Next

6) Now, enter your full name and Mediacom email address

7) Go to the type account option and choose the POP3

8) Now, the Internet E-mail settings window will appear

9) Give a click on the Advanced tab

10) Next, enter the following information:

      • The incoming mail server should be
      • The Incoming port number should be 995. Then, check the checkbox that says This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
      • The outgoing mail server should be
      • The outgoing port number should be 465, and then click OK

11) Type in the username and password of your Mediacom email account

12) Again, click OK

You have successfully set up your Mediacom email in Outlook in no time. Moreover, please note that the settings could vary from one Outlook version to another.

Mediacom Email Settings for iPhone/iOS Device

If you are an iPhone user, follow the below instructions to configure Mediacom email on your iOS device:

1) Open your iPhone

2) Go to Settings of your device

3) Go to the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars section

4) Click on the Add Mail Account option

5) Now, you need to enter your name, full Mediacom email address, and password in the available fields

6) Also, make sure you have entered a short description of a few words of the account

7) Now, type in the following incoming mail server information for Mediacom email settings:

      • The incoming mail server should be
      • Enter your email address as your user name in the Username section 
      • Enter your password, and click Next

8) After that, In the outgoing mail server or SMTP section, enter the following information:

      • The outgoing mail server should be
      • Enter your email address and password of your Mediacom account
      • Click on Save
      • Now, enter the port number as 465 and choose the encryption type as SSL

9) After setting your account, go back to the last screen

10) Finally, restart your phone

Mediacom Email Settings for Android

If you are an Android user, then setting up a Mediacom email account will be slightly different. Here is how you can do that:

1) On your phone, open your mail application

2) Navigate to the Settings panel

3) Now, choose the Add a new email option

4) Next, select POP3

5) Type in your email address 

6) Type in your password 

7) Click on the Manual Setup option 

8) Now, follow the below steps for incoming server settings:

      • Enter your email ID as the username in the Username field
      • Enter your password 
      • The incoming mail server should be
      • The incoming port number should be 995 
      • The security type should be SSL 
      • Click Next

9) For your outgoing mail server, type in the following details

      • The outgoing mail server should be
      • The outgoing port number should be 465
      • Select SSL as the security type
      • Enter your user name and password
      • Click Next

10) In the next screen, enter your preferences 

11) Finally, name your account, and your account is all set up. 

I hope that all these steps were easy-to-follow and you have successfully configured your Mediacom email account. 

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