Medvedchuk has declared participation in the channels “1 + 1” and “2 + 2” – the media



Medvedchuk has declared participation in the channels “1 + 1” and “2 + 2” – the media

10.06.2020 20:25


Viktor Medvedchuk, chairman of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life party and godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said in his 2019 land declaration the company that appears in the ownership structure of Studio 1 + 1 Teleradiocompany LLC.

This was reported by Radio Liberty with reference to journalists from the program “Schemes: corruption in detail” (a joint project of Radio Liberty and the television channel “UA: First”).

According to information provided by Viktor Medvedchuk in his declaration of ownership, his wife, television presenter Oksana Marchenko, is the ultimate beneficial owner of Bolvik Ventures Ltd of the British Virgin Islands.

This company, through a chain of other companies, owns 24.66% of LLC Teleradiocompany Studio 1 + 1, according to a statement on ownership structure on the chain 1 + 1 website as of March 2, 2020. The same message indicates that this company is only controlled by businessman Igor Surkis, but there is no evidence of Viktor Medvedchuk’s involvement in it.

Another major co-owner of “1 + 1” is the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who is listed on the channel’s website.

In addition, a Cypriot company, declared by Victor Medvedchuk, appears in the ownership structure of another chain of the group, “2 + 2” (LLC “Gravis-Kino”). With the help of several companies, it controls a 24.51% stake here, according to a report published on the chain’s website on March 16. As in the case of “1 + 1”, the official website of the television channel “2 + 2” indicates that Bolvik Ventures LTD is only controlled by the businessman Igor Surkis, but there is no evidence of Viktor Medvedchuk’s involvement.

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At the same time, Bolvik Ventures does not appear in the ownership structure of another channel belonging to the group, PlusPlus (LLC UnianTV). TET Channel (TK TET CJSC) has not disclosed the ownership structure.

Schemes contacted businessman Igor Kolomoisky for the co-owner of the chain group 1 + 1.

During a telephone conversation, Kolomoisky noted that the information on the part of the Medvedchuk family in the structure of Studio 1 + 1 was news for him: “For me, this is news. The order is as follows. We have received this information. The TV station must send requests in time: when the disposition occurred, how the disposition occurred and why it was not informed. That’s why they reported it? Why do we learn this from the declaration? Noted the businessman.

When asked if it was comfortable for Igor Kolomoisky to be a partner in the Medvedchuk family, the businessman replied, “And what difference does it make for me?” He is not the only owner. Why argue – comfortable or not comfortable, if it doesn’t depend on me? If Surkis sold Medvedchuk. How can I influence this? If we talk about Bolvik, then before there were Surkis. Now, in the statement, they wrote that the owner is Marchenko. It is necessary to know how many, how many actions. Nothing is written there … By the way, I never separated Medvedchuk and Surkis. I always thought they were together. For which assets and in what proportion is another question. “

The journalists also asked questions to the press secretary of the organization “Ukrainian choice – people’s rights” Oleg Babanin, who has not yet replied.

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I could not reach Viktor Medvedchuk himself, he did not answer the phone. His wife Oksana Marchenko also did not respond to calls.

The phone number of businessman Igor Surkis was answered by his security guard, who advised contacting its reception, where they answered calls. The number of his brother, the people’s deputy Grigory Surkis, was answered by his security agent, who promised to transfer the question from the journalists of the Regime on the circumstances of the transfer of the 1 + 1 stake to Viktor Medvedchuk, but at the time of publication, Grigory Surkis had not contacted the editorial staff.

The journalists also sent a request for comment to the press service of the “1 + 1” television channel, but at the time of publication of the information, there was no response, as did the official telephones of the service. press did not respond.

At the same time, the press service of “1 + 1”, at the request of another media, “Detector Media”, commented on the attitude of Viktor Medvedchuk towards the ownership of the channel: “We cannot comment on this information yet, as it is also new to us. Lawyers for the media group have sent the appropriate requests to the companies that are part of the chain’s ownership structure, and we are awaiting a response. “

In 2019, before being elected to the Verkhovna Rada, Viktor Medvedchuk said that his wife, TV presenter Oksana Marchenko, was only the nominal owner of the company, and that he was the true owner and leader . “My wife does not do business, she owns a business and I manage the business. Why can’t I own a business? Because my “beloved” Americans in March 2014 imposed sanctions on me. The characteristics of the family-owned business are linked to that, “Medvedchuk said on NewsOne.

In the summer of 2018, Schemes was the first to establish a relationship between the management of the television channel 112 Ukraine and Viktor Medvedchuk after having changed the editorial policy of the channel.

Subsequently, Viktor Medvedchuk’s entourage began to control a group of three television channels: 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK.

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