Megan Fox is not yet ready to introduce her boyfriend to the children: “Their relationship is not serious enough”



Megan Fox / Colson Baker

Megan Fox, 34, who recently confirmed an affair with 30-year-old rapper Colson Baker, doesn’t want to rush things yet. Sources say the actress is not yet ready to introduce a new boyfriend to her sons of Brian Austin Green: Noah, 7, Bodie, 6, and Jorney, 3. In his opinion, his relationship with the new lover is not yet serious enough for this crucial step.

They only meet when the boys are with Brian,

– said the insider, adding that Colson spends time at home with Megan several times a week.

Megan Fox with children

However, the source added that Fox now seems very happy.

Her boyfriend is no less happy. In the story, he showed what a romantic picnic they had with Megan. And although her face is not in the photos, her leg in black jeans came into the frame – namely, in them, she appeared during the last date with the rapper. Himself, having signed the photo, noted that he was in love.

Rumors about the couple’s romance appeared a month ago. However, at first, insiders said that with the rapper, the actress was only in friendly terms. Her 46-year-old husband Brian Austin Green also denied his wife’s romantic relationship with the rapper.

I never met him personally, but Megan and I talked about him. Now they are friends. Judging from what Megan said, he’s really a good and sincere guy,

He talked about Colson.

The actor parted harshly with his wife and hoped they could save the marriage. However, the other day, Green was seen with Courtney Stodden, a 25-year-old model. The type of relationship that links the couple is still unknown. But now the hearts of the two are free.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

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