Meghan Markle recorded video in support of Black Lives Matter



Meghan Markle recorded video in support of Black Lives Matter

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, 38, has also been unable to stay away from the protests taking place in the United States these days due to the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of the police. Yesterday, the Duchess recorded a video message which was shown as part of a virtual graduation ceremony at her native Catholic school. In the video, Megan urges today’s graduates not to ignore current issues and to do everything they can to change the world for the better.

Meghan Markle recorded video in support of Black Lives Matter

Meghan Markle You can now participate in this restructuring. Yes, I know, people often ask themselves: “How many more reforms will there be?”. But we will rebuild, rebuild and rebuild everything until the world is restored, because when the foundation collapses, we collapse with it. You will live in love and compassion and use your voice. You will be able to use your voice even more than ever, because most of you are already 18 years old, and someone will soon be filled, and you will all have the right to vote in elections. You will feel sympathy for those who do not see the world through the same lens as you. Because thanks to the knowledge acquired at the Catholic School of the Immaculate Heart, you also realize that the life of blacks means something,

– Megan Markle turned to graduates.

The Duchess admitted that she had not immediately decided to speak on the subject of racism and unrest in her country of origin, because she was afraid of saying something wrong and that the others would not understand it. However, at the last moment before recording the ceremony, Meghan Markle realized that she just couldn’t keep her mouth shut:

I realized that the only bad decision was to remain silent. Because the life of George Floyd has the same importance as the life of Brionna Taylor, Filando Castile and many others whose names we know or have never heard. Earlier, Meghan Markle spoke publicly on racism several times. In 2012, the Duchess participated in an advertisement – the future Duchess then expressed hope for a bright future for her children. In the video, Megan appears in a white T-shirt that says “I will not tolerate racism”.

Meghan Markle recorded video in support of Black Lives Matter

My name is Meghan Markle and I am here because it is really a very important advertising campaign. For me, it’s also a personal story. I belong to two races and all my life I feel pressure because of it. I was really touched by many offensive jokes about me and my mom. I am sincerely proud of my roots, but I hope that when I have children, people will become even more open about it and understand all the benefits of a world with mixed races,

– Megan says in the video.

It should be noted that Meghan Markle continues to encounter racist attacks. This was particularly noticeable at the start of their relationship with Prince Harry – so many believed that the actress was not worthy of being part of the royal family, in particular because of her mixed race.

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