MEP Buzhansky threatens to expose document on coalition agreement between factions “People’s Servant”, “European Solidarity” and “Voices”



The scandalous deputy Maxim Buzhansky assures that he will unveil the coalition agreement of the three factions if he does not respond to one of his requests.

Maxim Buzhansky
Maxim Buzhansky. Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “112 Ukraine“.

For example, according to Buzhansky, information appeared on the parliament’s website that BP had registered a bill by Vladimir Aryev on changing the regulations. More specifically, the bill proposes to examine bills containing thousands of amendments under a simplified procedure.

“If this bill is on the agenda for the special meeting, I will officially ask the leadership of the faction and the parliament to promulgate the coalition agreement” Servants of the People “,” Euro-Solidarity “and” Voice ”.

I will also send an official request asking why, since the end of November 2019, the Parliament has not examined a bill on the postponement of the transfer of Russian-language schools to Ukrainian education until 2023. “

Recall that we had previously reported that Buzhansky had been attacked.

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