Merkel’s dream come true – Maltese diplomat compared German Chancellor to Hitler



Malta’s ambassador to Finland, Zammit Tabon, compared Angela Merkel to Adoflf Hitler, which sparked violent criticism.

Angela Merkel
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About it, “MFN” refers to “Gromadske“.

The day before May 9, Tabon wrote on his Facebook page:

“75 years ago we were able to stop Hitler. But who will stop Merkel now? She was able to fulfill Hitler’s dream. It has taken control of all of Europe. “

But this opinion of the Maltese diplomat remained without support. On the contrary, it provoked a wave of criticism and indignation against Zammit Tabon.

The leader of the opposition party in Malta, Adrian Delia, has already declared that the post of Tabon does not correspond to the level of the ambassador:

“Angela Merkel has always been an ally of Malta and a source of stability for Europe. The German chancellor is a fighter for democracy and cannot be compared to a supporter of far-right ideas. “

After a while, Tabon deleted the scandalous file and resigned. In addition, the government of Malta has sent a letter of apology to Germany.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Merkel did not invite Putin to Berlin on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

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