How to fix Message Blocking is Active on iPhone

Apple is the leading brand of mobile phones and similar gadgets. Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2009 as a touch screen mobile with advanced options like web browsing, a camera, and other features. Since then, iPhone comes in more advanced options and features with every passing year. It provides many facilities for the users in every aspect. But there are sometimes some problems that surface. Among these issues, the ‘message blocking is active’ is a common one. It often hinders the activity of users and is troublesome when needed.

‘Message blocking is active’ on iPhone is displayed when you are unable to send or receive messages. It appears as an “unable to send” pop-up message. The most common reason for this is when either the sender or receiver is blocked from the contact list. Some common reasons for ‘message blocking is active’ are as follows

  • Blocklist – One of the most common reasons for ‘message blocking is active’ is that you you’re the receiver might be a part of the blocklist. It is possible accidentally or due to parental controls. It is good to check through contacting the person.
  • Service outage – Sometimes the ‘message blocking is active’ might also signal a service outage. It means you need to wait for a few hours or minutes till the service is available again.
  • Message app restrictions – Among many reasons, another one for ‘message blocking is active’ may be the restrictions to the text message app of iPhone. It happens when a recipient has restricted certain users from sending messages. On the other hand, some message applications face problems with your mobile carrier.
  • Unsuitable data plan – It might also be possible due to a data plan that is not suitable. If you use a data-only plan, there is more chance that this issue will remain unresolved.

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Fix Message Blocking is Active on iPhone

There are several ways by which you can fix the message blocking is active’ error. Some of them are enlisted below

  1. Check for the correct number

This error may pop up if you have not saved someone’s correct contact number or email address. To fix this, delete the contact from your phone entirely then re-add them with the correct information. Also, make sure that the contact is not blocked by checking the settings of messaging app.

  1. Check for the coverage availability

‘message blocking is active’ might often appear when there is no coverage in your area. When your area is listed as ‘none’, you will not be able to make any phone calls and text messages.

  1. You must have an active phone number

If it happens that your phone number is not active, there are higher chances that you will receive a ‘message blocking is active’ notification. To check this, you need to go to the Device settings in your account and see if the Status of your phone is “active”. If this happens that your number is suspended for any reason, then you will have to face the hindrance.

  1. Remove the SIM card

One simple way to fix the ‘message blocking is active’ is to remove the sim card from your phone and try to soft reset it. Power off your phone by holding the power. Take out the sim card by using a pin from your iPhone. Then reinsert the sim card and power on your device. There are chances that you have fixed the issue.

  1. One to one solution

Everybody knows that an email address can be used to send text messages on iPhone. There is a major yet slight condition here that only simple text can be sent by using an email address. It means no media such as photos or videos can be shared. People who are unaware of this often face this issue. To solve this, the best way is to get in contact with the receiver or sender and confirm if they are doing it the right way.

  1. Confirm country code

Sending texts to international numbers requires a country code. Every country has a different country code and it might be difficult to remember. But the internet has all the solutions to such problems. You can check and confirm whether you are using the correct country code by searching online. This can help you get rid of this restriction.

  1. Enable messaging services

Sometimes it happens that sending and receiving messages get disabled on your iPhone. You may do it unintentionally or there may be some problem in the settings. To fix message blocking is active, go to the settings of your device and check if the option is enabled. If not, enable it to start using the application.

  1. Try to fix it by calling the person

Message blocking is active notification can come even when you are able to call the person. To check this error, try to call the person. If you are able to make a call, then you must be able to send and receive texts to that person also. If still, you are unable to send and receive texts, there may be some issue of blocking at either of the two sides.

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Why does message blocking error occur?

‘Message blocking is active’ may occur due to several reasons such as service outages, message app restrictions, or unintentional or intentional blocking.

What is ‘message blocking is active’ mean?

‘Message blocking is active’ means that you are unable to send and receive text messages on your device due to some settings issues.

Is it possible to fix the ‘message blocking is active’ error?

Yes, it is possible to fix message blocking is active from settings on your device.

Is the wrong country code a reason for message blocking?

A wrong country code for international texts is one of the reasons for message blocking.