Meteorite fell on Russia: a powerful explosion frightened the Russians (video)



A video of the fall of a bright meteorite in the territory of Krasnoyarsk, in the Russian Federation, appeared on the web. The Russians are afraid of a powerful explosion and the authorities are evading the exact answer.

Falling meteor
Falling meteor. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “TSN“, Reports” NPF “.

The meteorite fell on the night of May 19. The images taken with surveillance cameras and automatic recorders show how a bright object approaches the ground and quickly goes out. Residents say that at that time, they heard a powerful explosion, which seriously frightened them. Some people add that the light from the space object was so bright that it lit up the entire yard.

Journalists have called the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but say they have received no messages from civilians and have no information on the situation. The Russian authorities also refrained from commenting on this mysterious event.

Eyewitnesses note that bright light was visible even outside of Kansk. The meteorite would have landed in the taiga.

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