Metro will not operate until May 22 – Shmygal



The Prime Minister of Ukraine said this during a meeting in the President’s cabinet regarding the fight against coronaviruses.

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It is reported by the “MFN” referring to the press service OPU.

According to Denis Shmygal, according to the plan drawn up by the government, the metro cannot be opened until at least May 22:

“The rapid launch of public transport can lead to the spread of the epidemic. And we, unfortunately, the situation with the spread of the disease has not yet stabilized. “

In response to this, the President of Ukraine said that the Cabinet strategy was correct and that the quarantine could not be abruptly withdrawn:

“You cannot take the epidemic lightly. Today alone, more than 500 infected people have been identified. And free access to public transport will only contribute to the spread of COVID-19.”

As a reminder, Minister Krykli had previously declared that until May 22, nothing will change in the work of public transport.


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