“Mice” Have Names: Police Opened File Due to Theft of Grain from State Reserve




“Mice” Have Names: Police Opened File Due to Theft of Grain from State Reserve

02/02.2020 21:18


During the audit, it turned out that the three companies of the State Reserve were actually short of nearly 150,000 tonnes of grain which should have been stored in case of force majeure to provide bread for the population . At the same time, according to the documents, the goods are in stock.

This was reported by the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Mykhailo Apostol, informs the press service of the ministry.

“It is a blatant fact, because they are state reserves, intended to provide bread to the population in the event of force majeure. And this so-called” airbag “of the 40 millionth country was trivially looted and Being silent about it means closing your eyes and leaving the thieves without just punishment for these deliberate actions. It is impossible because it is a crime against its own citizens. And these so-called “mice” have names , posts and must be held accountable for their actions in accordance with the law, “said the adviser.

Police investigators have initiated criminal proceedings under Part 5 of Art. 191 (embezzlement, embezzlement or seizure for abuse of official position) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code. The sanction of the article provides for a penalty in the form of imprisonment of 7 to 12 years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or to engage in certain activities for a period of up to 3 years and with confiscation of property .

The Minister’s adviser noted that, according to the documents, there were certain goods in the warehouses, but during the inspection, it turned out that he was no longer there. In one of the companies, almost 18,000 tonnes of cereals were not found, in the other – almost 20,000 tonnes, in the third – 112,000 tonnes.

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“In total, 150,000 tonnes of grain, which we would have, but in fact, has been looted and sold for a long time. We also found a tank of petroleum products. If you tap it, it will buzz like an empty tank. If you take a petroleum product level probe, the tank is full “In the end, it turned out that a pipe had been welded under the window of the probe, and only it was filled with petroleum products, and the rest of the tank was empty, “added the minister’s adviser.

Earlier, the SBU announced the revelation of the crime of misappropriation of cash and inventory held by the State Reserve, and also reported that the service had helped the Agrarian Fund to prevent the theft of 10,000 tonnes of grain.

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