Microsoft and FedEx launch new Amazon project


FedEx and Microsoft Merger Process Started to Compete with Amazon

Microsoft unites with FedEx: companies start a new project to deal with Amazon. Photo: Geek News

FedEx Logistics Company and Microsoft Tech giants are joining together to provide commercial shipping customers with early warnings of delays due to weather, traffic and other disturbances. In this way, they would provide the courier and software manufacturer with another weapon. The merger is due to competition with Amazon.

Last year, FedEx terminated a ground shipping agreement with Amazon. For Microsoft, Amazon is a competitor in many areas, mainly in the field of cloud technology.

A service that uses Microsoft cloud software will provide real-time data to large and small companies to identify ways to improve the way they move goods. Among other things, FedEx will now use the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

The introduction of the new FedEx surround service, including tracking the supply chain of goods, was announced. For example, a medical device manufacturer can learn from the new FedEx surround service that a blizzard delays a heart surgery kit from being delivered to the hospital. Depending on the high priority of the package, dispatch can be redirected to ensure that it arrives on time.

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Recall, Microsoft announced its intention to invest one billion dollars in Poland’s “innovative growth and acceleration of digital transformation”.

The basis of this multi-year plan is to open a new local data center in the country, which will become part of the global Microsoft cloud to provide a wide ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurs and enterprises.

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