Microsoft closes all its retail stores


The company is changing the outlook for retail


Microsoft closes all retail stores. Photo:

Microsoft announced the closure of all its physical stores as part of a new approach to retail.

The company is expected to reserve $ 450 million or $ 0.05 per share in the fourth quarter. The company temporarily closed its Microsoft store in late March due to a ban caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

Microsoft said that all its employees in the retail sector would continue to work in the company’s offices and remotely.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President David Porter commented, “Our sales have gone online as the product portfolio has been transformed into primarily digital offers, and our talented team has shown successful results in customer service outside of physical locations.”

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Earlier, we wrote that FedEx, a logistics company, and Microsoft tech giants are joining together to provide commercial delivery customers with early warnings of delays due to weather, traffic and other disruptions. It has been reported that the merger is due to competition with Amazon.

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