Microsoft Edge is increasingly being used outside of Firefox


New Microsoft Edge derived from the open source Chromium engine, it is experiencing a significant increase in the number of users. The new browser from Microsoft, as evidenced by the findings NetMarketShare updated to a month March 2020 surpassed Firefox and became the second most popular desktop browser.

after Google Chrome which has a diffusion percentage equal to 68.5% in fact, we find just Microsoft edge which, thanks to the growth recorded after the release of the new version based on Chromium, received a percentage of 7.59% overcoming Firefox third with the spread 7.19%.

The decline in Firefox was obvious, which last year grew by 9% of the market. It is worth noting that 5.87% of Internet Explorer still widely used in previous versions of Windows 10, while safari it’s all 3.6%, For more information about NetMarketShare statistics, you can click on the link provided in the source.

Over the next few months, Microsoft Edge may continue to record growing data, approaching 10% of the market share and taking Firefox as the main alternative to Chrome, which will undoubtedly remain the main reference point for navigation. in the desktop environment. Follow us for all updates in this specific rating.


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