Microsoft has chosen a new “digital heart” of Europe


In Poland, will open a new local data center, which will become part of the global Microsoft cloud


Microsoft has chosen Europe’s new digital heart: which will receive one billion dollars. Photo:

Microsoft has announced its intention to invest one billion dollars in Poland’s “innovative development and acceleration of digital transformation”. The basis of this multi-year plan is to open a new local data center in the country, which will become part of the global Microsoft cloud to provide a wide ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurs and enterprises.

The same investment plan is called the Polish Digital Valley and is designed for the next seven years – from 2020 to the year 2027. Microsoft has signed a strategic partnership agreement with local cloud provider Chmura Krajowa to achieve all its goals.

The plan is based on Microsoft’s nearly 30 years of experience, successfully working with Polish organizations and enterprises of all sizes and a network of over 6 thousand local partners. Microsoft hopes to bring about 150 thousand people, including IT experts, teachers and students, into its plan to help transform organizations to make better use of modern digital technologies.

The development program includes training courses, educational seminars and hackathons to develop relevant skills. Subject areas are Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Poland now has the opportunity to become the digital heart of Europe.

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Remember that Ukraine, in general, has a high intellectual capacity and strong IT specialists, as well as a startup sector that is developing rapidly. It was stated by the director of national technology strategies and policies to 24 countries in the Central and Eastern Europe region of Microsoft, Mikhail Schmalev.

Since 2010, more than 1,200 “confident” startups with a well-developed business plan and a unique idea have participated in Microsoft Ukraine startup support and development programs alone.

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