Mike Tyson – so I was a fool, a man can’t stop a tiger




Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson shared how his tiger paralyzed a neighbor.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Mike Tyson with a tiger.

The boxer kept the Bengal tiger at home and often played with it. The girl saw this and apparently decided that this cat was not dangerous. After jumping over the fence once, she also tried to play with him.

But the beast did not understand his good intentions and attacked the poor girl. As a result, the neighbor’s arm was severely damaged. Tyson had to pay $ 250,000 in compensation to avoid litigation in the courts.

The former boxer noted that one person cannot completely brake the tigers.

“So I was a fool, there is no way to stop these cats a hundred percent. They don’t even want to kill you, they do it by accident. “ – said Mike.

After the incident with the woman, Tyson had to separate from the tiger, who lived with him for 16 years.

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