Mikhail Efremov suffered a heart attack



Mikhail Efremov suffered a heart attack

Mikhail Efremov

Two and a half weeks have passed since the terrible fatal accident, the culprit of which was Mikhail Efremov, 56. The actor, whose blood traces of alcohol and drugs have been found, is currently under house arrest and awaits the trial scheduled for August 9.

According to lawyer Efremov Elman Pashayev, Michael suffered a heart attack yesterday. It happened on the anniversary of the death of mother Efremov Alla Borisovna Pokrovskaya, who died a year ago. The actor refused medical assistance.

The actor’s relatives wanted to ask the investigator to allow Efremov to go to his mother’s grave, but he himself refused to leave the apartment, even for this reason. As Elman Pashayev said, the actor is now in a depressed state.

Mikhail Efremov suffered a heart attack

He is very worried and has already lost six pounds, eats very badly, sleeps badly,

– declared the lawyer Efremova during an interview with Ekho Moskvy.

At the same time, he denied information previously published in the press about the actor’s suicide attempt.

In his statement, released four days after the accident, Efremov said he would provide all the necessary financial assistance to the family of the 57-year-old victim, Sergey Zakharov, and yesterday it became known that the actor had expressed a desire to adopt their children.

One person is ready to help the children as much as possible. He is even ready to adopt them to ensure a decent life,

– said Pashayev.

Mikhail Anna-Maria’s daughter, 19, did not rejoice at her father’s decision and publicly wrote about it on social media.

Well, where are we still children?

She says.

Mikhail Efremov suffered a heart attack

Mikhail Efremov with daughter Anna Maria

Yesterday, she turned to Instagram followers and made a statement.

I communicate with my father. Holds more or less. Sorry Repent. I gave him your support messages as best I could. He knows about the YouTube survey. His lawyer also knows this. Personally, these investigations of unfortunate conspiracy theorists are incredibly boring. Please don’t send them. I cannot influence the choice of a lawyer. I do not believe in God, but I transmit your prayers to my father. I do not believe in esotericism – please do not offer me your services in hand reading, karma and natal chart. Don’t be silly. I will leave my opinion on the situation until better times. I don’t want unsuccessful wording for headlines. My father’s Instagram account is currently closed. If you see that someone is pretending to be him, send complaints to technical support, as it may be ransomware. Remember that there are fan accounts. I condemn the VK audience “Freedom to Mikhail Efremov” because he said that he would have helped me prepare a statement for the NTV journalists who persecuted me. I did not contact or contact the administration of this audience, and even more I did not contact their non-existent lawyers. In addition, they informed me that it was run by the same person as the audience “Freedom to Sokolov”. If I did not answer you in Direct, do not get angry, I am just tired and I have trouble communicating with people in general (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – N.D.E.)

She wrote.

Mikhail Efremov faces five to twelve years in prison.

Mikhail Efremov suffered a heart attack

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