Mikhail Efremov turned to the family of Sergei Zakharov, who died through his fault in an accident: “I betrayed everyone, I’m sorry”



Mikhail Efremov

Earlier this week, Mikhail Efremov, 56, became responsible for a terrible accident in the center of the capital. Drunk, the actor crossed the solid double at high speed, entered the oncoming lane, and crashed into a pickup truck, which was driven by Sergey Zakharov, 57. The victim was taken to hospital where, after a few hours, he died from his injuries.

Only four days after the tragedy, Mikhail Efremov found words for the loved ones of the man who died through his fault. Yesterday, a video was published on the Citizen Poet YouTube channel, in which the actor addresses the family and friends of Sergey Zakharov, asks them for forgiveness and promises to help by all means.

Four days have passed since that cursed Monday. I didn’t know what to say, and now I don’t know. I do not know how and with what words to ask forgiveness from the family of Sergei Zakharov. But I always ask, even if I know that they will not forgive. Of course, I will help them by all means, if they accept. And if they understand, well, maybe then, it’s not an attempt to pay, but an attempt to buy back. And, of course, I have no forgiveness from my wife, my children. And of all those who believed me. In general, it is unforgivable to drive in alcohol. When an innocent person dies from this, a good man, my peer. When grief is in his family,

– said Efremov in his video message.

Mikhail Efremov with his wife Sofia Kruglikova

In the video, Michael admits that he is very ashamed and is hurt by what happened. Efremov ensures that he will not try to avoid the punishment imposed on him by means of relationships and money:

I don’t understand how to live. I know, a lot of people think they will excuse me as an artist. No, otmazyvatsya, including some of his acquaintances or acquaintances, I have no intention and will not do so. Yes, and how can you do it when everyone has seen it all. Yes, and I saw when I slept too much and got away from the shock. Thank goodness my mother did not see. It’s not a movie, you can’t rewind anything already. In the end, there is no more Efremov. I betrayed everyone. Please excuse me. Nothing else to say. Recall that previously Mikhail Efremov had been questioned by the Department of Home Affairs of the Central Administrative District of Moscow and had appeared in court where he had pleaded guilty to a fatal accident. Today, the actor, in whose blood, in addition to alcohol, traces of drugs were found, risks a sentence of 5 to 12 years of imprisonment. During the investigation, Efremov was placed under house arrest until August 9.

Mikhail Efremov

Earlier reports had appeared in the press to the effect that the night before the interrogation, Mikhail Efremov had attempted suicide, according to a source, earlier the actor’s relatives had noticed a crimson band on his neck, which is a characteristic sign during hanging. After that, the actor was summoned by psychiatric specialists.

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