Mikhail Kokshenov, star of the movies “The Most Charming and Attractive” and “Shirley-Myrli”



Mikhail Kokshenov in the movie “It can’t be!”

Today, in the 84th year of his life, the famous Soviet and Russian actor Mikhail Kokshenov has died. About this on her Facebook page, said the poet Lyubov Voropaeva.

Misha Kokshenov died. Living memory!

She wrote.

The actor’s death was later confirmed by his wife Natalia Lepekhina. She said her husband died in hospital, but she does not know the exact cause of death for her husband.

In recent years, Kokshenov was seriously ill – three years ago he suffered two strokes, but could not recover until the end.

Mikhail Kokshenov and Leonid Kuravlev in the film “The most charming and the most attractive”

Mikhail Kokshenov was born in Moscow in 1936. At 27, he graduated from the B.V. Schukin Theater School. During his career, he has acted in over 100 films. His most famous cinematographic works are roles in the films “The Most Charming and Attractive”, “The weather is nice on Deribasovskaya, or it plains again on Brighton Beach”, “Sportloto-82”, “Shirley-myrli” and many others.

Mikhail Kokshenov in the film “It’s sunny in Deribasovskaya, or it’s raining again on Brighton beach”

Mikhail Kokshenov in the film White Dew Mikhail Kokshenov got married three times. From his first marriage, he left Alevtin’s daughter, 33 years old. SPLETNIK.RU expresses its condolences to the family and friends of the actor.

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