Mikitas was not part of the 50 millionth security deposit; SAP will demand arrest



Mikitas was not part of the 50 millionth security deposit; SAP will demand arrest

Mikitas was not part of the 50 millionth security deposit; SAP will demand arrest

08/05.2020 21:55


Former MP Maxim Mikitas has not paid part of the UAH 50 million pledge, as VAKS agreed, so SAP will demand a change to Mikitas’ preventive measure.

This was reported by the SAP press service on Facebook.

“On May 8, 2020, the prosecutor of the SAP filed a petition with the Supreme anti-corruption court to change the preventive measure of bail for detention with an alternative to the deposit of 100 million hryvnia of bail for one of the defendants in the case of the seizure of the National Guard apartments, namely, a former people’s deputy, “said the statement. message.

The SAP recalled that on April 29, the WAKS Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the investigating judge, who charged 80 million hryvnia to state revenue from the suspect in the case of the seizure of National Guard apartments, namely the former people’s deputy.

It is stated that the WAKS Appeals Chamber partially upheld the appeal of the defenders of the former people’s deputies and determined that only 30 million hryvnia of bail could be recovered.

In addition, the WAKS Appeals Chamber has determined a new commitment for Mikita – 100 million hryvnia (during WAKS, it was noted that 30 million UAH were collected, 50 million UAH are considered paid and 50 million UAH should be paid by Mikitas – ed.).

“Despite the fact that the term of the deposit has expired, the former MP has not yet paid the funds. Despite a flagrant violation of the terms of the preventive measure, the prosecutor asked the court to change the preventive measure of the former member, “said the SAP.

The date for consideration of this request will be announced later.

As indicated, on April 3, the WAKS investigating judge partially acceded to the prosecutor’s request and decided to collect from the former people’s deputy and former president of Ukrstroy Maxim Mikitsa an income of 30 million hryvnia on bail for violation of procedural obligations.

At the same time, the judge decided to apply a new preventive measure to the suspect – in the form of a pledge in the amount of 100 million hryvnias with assignment of the corresponding functions.

For its part, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court reported that 30 million UAH in pledged state revenue in the case of the ex-president of Ukrstroy had been recovered, funds in the amount of 50 million UAH were considered paid and the remaining amount of the promise of 50 million UAH could be made as by the suspect and the mortgagor to the court’s deposit account no later than five days from the date of the election of the preventive measure in the form of a pledge.

The former president of Ukrstroy Mikitsa is suspected of appropriating National Guard property.

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According to investigators, the National Guard of Ukraine and developer Ukrstroy reached an agreement that a residential complex should be built on the territory of the former military unit. The National Guard was supposed to get there 50 apartments and 30 parking spaces. However, in 2016-2017, the parties concluded additional agreements, according to which the National Guard refused apartments and parking spaces in Pechersk in exchange for 65 apartments in a house on the outskirts of Kiev. As the review established, the cost of apartments on the outskirts is 81,635,448 UAH lower than that in which the apartments in Pechersk were rated.

On October 4, 2019, the WAKS panel of judges elected Mikitas a restraint in the form of an arrest with the right to deposit 5.5 million UAH. A promise was made to him and he was released.

However, this SAP court decision appealed to the WAKS Appeals Chamber. Finally, the court allowed the prosecutor’s complaint regarding the increase in bail and Mikitas chose a preventive measure in the form of an arrest with the right to post bail in the amount of UAH 80 million. After that, Mikitasha was arrested in the courtroom.

On October 25, 80 million UAH were pledged for Mikitas. Under the terms of the preventive measure, Mikitas was required to wear an electronic bracelet, hand over his passport and report to the investigator on request and not communicate with witnesses to his case.

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