Military can report corruption in APU via smartphone



Military can report corruption in APU via smartphone

Innovations have been introduced in the Ukrainian military that make it easier to get information about corruption and make it easier to work with accusers.

It was during a briefing at Ukrinform, said the head of the Office for the Prevention and Detection of Corruption of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadim Priymak.

“Thanks to the experience acquired and the recommendations of international experts, a number of anti-corruption innovations have been introduced, notably those which fundamentally change the methods of obtaining information on corruption offenses and of collaborating with the accusers. In particular, secure communication channels (hotlines, online mailboxes) are installed for communication without allocation. A special secure telephone line with the function of receiving messages to the answering machine has been installed, which makes it possible to receive information about corruption offenses 24 hours a day, ”said Priymak.

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In addition, he noted that the department has created conditions guaranteeing the non-disclosure of information about the accuser reporting the offense. “Since 2020, it has been possible to provide information on violations of anti-corruption laws using a smartphone by scanning the QR code displayed on the information posters. These messages are sent exclusively to the Directorate for the Prevention and Detection of Corruption, which guarantees the non-disclosure of confidential information on the accuser, ”added the head of the department.

According to Priymak, today the completion of the acquisition of these posters of each military unit and military police stations.

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