Military coup is brewing in Russia: Nevzorov talks about the country’s disappointing future



Once again, indignation is maturing in Russian society because of the actions of the authorities. Some people may soon take up arms while others are inactive. This could have dire consequences.

Alexander Nevzorov
Alexander Nevzorov. Photo –

This opinion was expressed by Alexander Nevzorov in an interview “Echo of Moscow“, Reports” MFN “.

“I mean that this time Vladimir Putin was definitely heard by all the people in Russia. Everyone understood their message. The stupidest people went to drink brandy, and those who turned out to be smarter – sulfuric acid. But the smartest grinders started cutting. It was their time approaching and, of course, this weapon would be more appropriate on our streets, “said Nevzorov.

After that, Nevzorov announced that a kind of “fog” appeared in Russian society. As he said, the mills were already creaking and the acid was drunk.

“The coronavirus in Russia has already started to assume its direct responsibilities. Where all this will lead – only time will tell. But the fillings are already done. And it’s a pretty interesting time for Russia, ”he concluded.

Recall that we will also defeat this infection – Putin has called Russia an invincible power.



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