Military “republics” started to suffer – news source reported what had happened in “LPR” after the arrival of military advisers from the Russian Federation



In the so-called “LPR” in the ranks of “popular militias”, an epidemic of coronavirus has started. But the “leadership” of the republic says nothing about it.

Popular militia
“People’s Police” “LPR”. Stock Photo –

This was reported by the portal Donpress referring to the information resource “Sverdlovsk – you should know this”, reports the NPF.

The information resource “Sverdlovsk – you should know” controlled by the invaders of the “LPR” writes that employees of the so-called “LPR police” began to suffer massively from the coronavirus. According to the resource, this happened due to the negligence of the commanders and the “leadership” of the republic. According to the resource, more recently, military advisers from the Russian Federation have come to occupied Lugansk. According to the resource, there was no talk of 14 days of self-isolation for Russian advisers. As a result, the “LPR People’s Police” and the military fell ill with the coronavirus.

“Sick soldiers in Russia were not immediately isolated. As a result, they had numerous contacts at headquarters with other members of the “popular militia”. Now the military “republics” have started to suffer, “wrote the author of the article.

In addition, according to the resource, “the authorities of the republic” “have turned a blind eye to this situation and are taking no action”. The resource writes that among the military, construction continues as if nothing had happened.

“As if this virus were a fairy tale, an invention. Thus, they expose and increase the risk of disease, “explained the author of the article.

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