Ministry of Finance shared the results of the program “Available loans 5-7-9%”


During the last week, banks issued loans totaling $ 638 million.

The Ministry of Finance shared the results of the “Available Loans 5-7-9%” program. Photo: sir PP

Within the framework of the state program “Available Loans 5-7-9%”, authorized banks signed 196 new loan agreements for a total of $ 638 million in the past week. In total, as of July 27, 2020, according to the website of the Finance Ministry of Ukraine, 1,446 loans were issued for a total of $ 2.413 billion.

The ministry stated that the loan to refinance previously received loans is the biggest demand among business representatives. In the past week, the portfolio of refinance loans under the program increased by half a billion hryvnia (564 million hryvnia), amounting to 1.637 billion hryvnia. The amount of applications for refinancing amounted to US $ 6.464 billion since the launch of the anti-crisis product.

The Finance Ministry called for the business’s demand for investment loans under the state’s program “consistently high”. As of 27 July, the amount of applications for loans under this product was UAH 5.129 billion. Since the launch of the program, authorized banks have issued investment loans amounting to $ 757.30 million. The ministry said that for this, the real estate of the entrepreneurs was updated in the amount of 1 billion dollars.

At the moment, a loan has been issued by 18 banks within the framework of the “Available Loan 5-7-9%” program: Oschadbank, Ukragsbank, Privitbank, Ukreximbank, Bank Lvov, FUIB, Bank Alliance, Kerdobank, Bank Vostok, Rifsen Bank Avel, Taskcom, Alpha-Bank, Globus, Megabank, Polycombank, Credit Agricole Bank, Creditwest Bank and OTP Bank.

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Earlier, we reported that the National Bank of Ukraine extended simplified rules to assess debt risk to borrowers affected by quarantine during the restructuring of loans.

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