Ministry of Internal Affairs details the discharge of personal data of Ukrainians


There were also cases of leakage of personal data in the system of the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Internal Affairs revealed details of the drain of personal data of Ukrainians via Telegram bot. Photo: lawyer newspaper

Anton Jershchenko, deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, spoke about the leaking of personal data of Ukrainians. On the topic of loud discharge of data of recent times, the official said that 95% of the information contained in this bot was for 2005, 2008 and 2012.

He said, ‘I checked myself for interest, there is nothing new. I also want to say that today the state, on the one hand, declares the security of personal data, and on the other hand, one and a half million declarations of officers and deputies are posted on the Internet, showing all their status, money, accounts and cash Indicates wealth in. What privacy can we talk about? There is a register of the Ministry of Justice, which was officially opened by law in 2016, according to which, it seems, for 21 UAH you can see that property and it is on any citizen of the country looking at the information. Leaves. Then I have a question: Let us decide, are we shutting down the information or are we disclosing the law to all of it?

According to him, there were also cases of leakage of personal data in the system of the Ministry of Interior.

“We have four criminal cases, most notably on the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Specifically, one of such cases was launched in February last year against a senior official in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Information Services, who along with a friend pleaded guilty to selling data for various security agencies, banks and the like. Was. That is, solvency data is the surest market for checking the credibility of some individuals, ”emphasized Jarashenko.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that bots appear in Telegram Messenger that provide access to a database of driver’s licenses with photos. According to the creators of the state application “Dia”, which has been accused of a possible drain, the data received 26 million drivers licenses. The Ministry of Digital Transformation, which is responsible for the development of Dia, has denied the allegations of data leakage.

Also in Telegram, two bots appeared that looked at Ukrainians’ personal data by phone number for money. Netizens suggested that the bots were taking data from the stolen PrivitBank base. Using the phone number, the bots provide the user’s name, date of birth, series and passport number, registration and TIN.

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