Ministry of Statistics launches free services aggregator


The platform will combine all the free services that a business will provide during an epidemic

The Ministry of Digital Communications is launching a new quarantine service: all free services at one place. Photo: LetKnow

Due to quarantine, border closures and restrictive measures, both large corporations and small businesses are at a disadvantage today.

Some are involved in charity work, helping society fight coronoviruses and investing in the future of their company, supporting the image, others earning in panic.

Mikhail Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation in his social network, announced plans for the Ministry of Digital Affairs next week to launch an online platform of socially responsible business free services for the duration of the quarantine.

“Today, most socially responsible businesses provide many free services to citizens during the quarantine period. We plan to gather all services on one platform, ”he wrote.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation also plans to launch a mobile application next week to monitor compliance with quarantine or self-isolation. With this application, mandatory monitoring for patients with coronovirus and voluntary monitoring for self-ablation using geolocation data and FaceID will be done. In addition, the Ministry of Digital Affairs plans to introduce more than 20 online educational courses on digital literacy by the end of this year.

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Recall that from the first days of quarantine Ukrainian companies of various industries took many initiatives aimed at protecting, facilitating and supporting people. Samsung offers free delivery of online orders and a +1 year warranty, Uber – free and contactless delivery, trips to doctors, restaurants, Uclon and support to Bolt – free trips to cars and doctors, Ukroppsta – “off the card” Introduced the cancellation of a commission for the service. Home ”and free storage of goods.

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