Ministry of Statistics prepares quarantine enforcement application


How Ukrainian government will combat coronovirus with technology

Mikhail Fedorov, head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Photo:

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is working on a mobile application to monitor compliance with quarantine and self-isolation of Ukrainians. As mentioned by Minister Mikhail Fedorov in an interview Economic realityThere will be no monitoring of citizens.

According to the politician, we are talking about mandatory controls for patients and voluntary for self-segregation through the removal of geolocation and FaceID at a random time. In addition, through the application, patients will be able to order food and medicine online, reporting on their health status.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance plans to implement monitoring of potential contact with the patient.

Mikhail Fedorov
Ministry of numbers

Fedorov also said that now the Ministry of Digital Affairs is working to create a platform where digital services will be collected, which entrepreneurs provide to Ukrainians for free. About this Payspace magazine It is written in detail here.

In addition, the agency published an online training course on 19 March called Quarantine: Online Services for Teachers. As the politician said, since the launch of the service, 5000 teachers have already obtained relevant certificates.

In addition to major projects, the ministry also helps digitize data in hospitals and is developing an internal online service that will monitor who hospitals are equipped with and how the coronovirus is spreading.

Mikhail Fedorov
Ministry of numbers

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We previously wrote that Singapore uses the trisext mobile app to monitor the spread of coronaviruses, tracking people who might have been exposed to the disease. This approach allowed the country’s government, which currently has fewer than 600 cases of infection, to avoid the onset of quarantine – schools and enterprises still operate there, though state borders are closed.

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