Mobile operators have started work to expand 4G coverage


The use of “low” radio frequencies will provide mobile operators with the opportunity to implement 4G communications across the country, including up to 2000 people, in rural areas and on street settlements.

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Telecom operators Kievstar, Vodafone Ukraine and Lifesale have commenced joint action to conduct radio frequency exchanges in the 900 MHz band. As a result of the reforming, mobile operators will be able to implement 4G communications across the country, including settlements, rural areas and roads with a population of 2000 people.

Work began with the Transcarpathian region – communications may be interrupted. To minimize possible reduction in the quality of communication, work will be done at night. Overall, in the summer, there should be an exchange of radio frequencies in the eight western regions of Ukraine. And operators are planning to complete work across the country by the end of 2020.

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Modern LTE technology provides customers with the opportunity to use mobile Internet to obtain more stable and high quality Internet connections throughout Ukraine.

According to the terms of the new license for the use of the 900 MHz band, mobile operators are required to cover 4G with 90% of the country’s population within two years, including settlements, rural areas, transport infrastructure with a population of 2,000. Etc. Every citizen of Ukraine, whatever their location, will be able to fully enjoy all the benefits of the digital world.

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