MON has developed a new professional standard for teachers



MON has developed a new professional standard for teachers

MON has developed a new professional standard for teachers

05/06.2020 03:19


The Ministry of Education and Science has prepared a draft professional standard for the professions “Primary school teacher of general secondary education” and “Teacher of general secondary education”.

The document was released for public comment, reports the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

“The draft new standard includes requirements for teachers of elementary schools and teachers of subjects providing basic and specialized secondary education and was created on the basis of the competency-based approach. Teachers and school leaders , scientific and educational workers, scientists, public bodies and international organizations participated in its creation. now the professional standard is in public discussion, and we invite teachers to join the work on the document, “noted the acting director. Minister of Education and Science Lyubomir Mandziy.

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The document describes the main functions and working conditions of teachers, establishes uniform requirements for their general and professional skills according to the qualification category, as well as the conditions for admission to work.

The description of professional skills according to the qualification categories will allow teachers to determine self-assessment criteria, as well as to assess the teacher’s professional qualifications and his preparation for professional activity in a certain qualification category for attestation and certification.

When developing the professional standard, we conducted a study of international experience in creating professional standards, conducting an online discussion of the document in focus groups of primary and secondary teachers.

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It is assumed that with the entry into force of the new professional standard, the order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine of August 10, 2018 No. 1143 “On the approval of the professional standard” Primary school teacher general secondary education “” will lose its strength.

Comments and suggestions for the project are accepted until May 20, 2020.

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