Money or art? Top 7 Most Beautiful Coins Of Our Time


What is shown on the most beautiful coins?

The coin

Fresco piece of Ambrozio Lorenzetti (Siena, Italy)

The National Bank of Ukraine called the winners of the competition for 2019 “Ukraine’s best coin of the year”. This competition is held every year since 2005. Editors on the occasion Payspace magazine To see what is depicted on the coins, which have received the Coin of the Year Award for Best Artistic Solution over the years. The organizer of the annual international competition is the influential publication “Kruse Publications” (USA) in the arithmetic world.

– 2019 –

50 Euro Sigmund Freud

Austria, gold, 2017

This is the first coin in the Vienna School of Psychotherapy series. It features Sigmund Freud, an outstanding psychologist and founder of psychoanalysis.

Sigmund Freud, photo – Max Halberst, 1921

– 2018 –

5 Euro “National Entrepreneur”

Latvia, Silver, 2016

This coin from Latvia decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the restoration of independence (from the USSR). Given that Latvia’s political independence is impossible without complete economic freedom. National entrepreneurs make a significant contribution to this goal by creating jobs and paying taxes.

– 2017 –

10 Euro “70th Anniversary of Peace in Europe”


Italy, silver, 2015

In 2015, 70 years have passed since the end of World War II. The mints of the European Union note this with a series of numerical coins. On the obverse of the Italian 10 Euros depicts a dove of peace in the hands of the Greek goddess of Europe.

By contrast Palazzo is a piece of Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s fresco “Allegory of Good and Bad Government in Town and Country” in Pablico (Siena, Italy).


A mural piece of Ambrozio Lorenzetti photo:

– 2016 –

50 Euro Judith II

50 euro-gold coin Gustav Klimt - Judith-ii

Austria, Gold, 2014

The coin is part of a series dedicated to the work of Austrian modernist artist Gustav Klimt. One piece of his work is The Naked Truth. On the reverse is Judith II.


Gustav Klimt “Naked Truth” photo:

– 2015 –

100 Euro “Red Deer”

Mint in australia 2013-our-sights-red deer-100-euro-gold coin in wildlife

Austria, gold, 2013

The first coin in the wildlife series depicts a deer, a distinctive animal on the European continent. The bottom of the coin has a decorative design that gives the entire series a distinctive character.

– 2014 –

10 euro “Yves Klein”

10 Euro-Silver Monnaie-de-Paris-France-Yves-Clean

France, Silver, 2012

The coin was erected in 2012 on the 50th anniversary of the death of post-war artist Yves Klein of France. On the obverse is a portrait of Klein. On the reverse – a technique in which the artist wrote.


Yves Klein (1961) Photo:

– 2013 –

1 latitude “a window is crying in the fog”


Latvia, Silver, 2011

The square shaped silver coin is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the Latvian poet Alexander Chak. On the obverse of the coin is a window with markings of lips and leaves. The back of the coin depicts a cobblestone pavement with an inscription by Alexander Chak, and also indicates the years of life of the Latvian writer and poet.

– 2012 –

2 shekels “Jonah in the belly of the whale”


Israel, silver, 2010

The obverse of the coin denotes the denomination in Hebrew and English, the national symbol of Israel, “Israel” in Hebrew, in English and Arabic, and the inscription “Jonah in the womb of the fish.”

The reverse of the coin depicts the prophet Jonah, who prays through the belly of the whale, where, according to legend, he spent three days and three nights.

All these coins are collection editions made of precious metals. Ordinary users have little chance of keeping them. But this does not mean that the coins that come in circulation are inferior to them in artistic value.

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