Money Spent on Air – Residents of Occupied Donetsk Criticized New Decision by “DPR Authorities”



In the center of occupied Donetsk, the “authorities” of the so-called “DPR” decided to create a new art object – the big word “Victory”.

“DNR”. Photo –

This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to social networks, reports MFN.

The inhabitants of occupied Donetsk are outraged by the new decision of the “authorities” of the unrecognized “republic”. On social networks, local residents shared photos of the new art object, which they installed specifically for Victory Day. It’s a huge word “Victory”, which glows red in the dark.

Local residents believe that the creation of this facility is a waste of money. Among the people of Donetsk, of course, there are those who liked this work of art, but most of the residents of Donetsk did not approve of this idea. Here’s what Donetsk residents wrote about it on social media:

“The money spent on air. It would be better if the money helped the veterans, so we have a little bit left. “

“It is a victory over common sense.”

“Yes … There was nowhere to spend the money.”

“We had to help the veterans.”

“It’s good when people take the airport, the train station, the banks and freedom at night, work and prospects … and give them bright letters instead.”

The authorities of the “DPR” have installed a new art object in Donetsk. Photos –
Photos –

Earlier, we reported that the head of “DPR” Pushilin had appealed to the world community because of the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces.



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