Monobank ends cooperation with one of its partners


Some customers found it difficult to withdraw cash from Taskbank deposits

Monobank ceases cooperation with one of the partners: Gorokhovsky vied for poor service. Photo: minfin

Monobank decided on 1 June to refuse to cooperate with TaskBank, which belongs to Sergey Tigipko. Monobank will have cash desks from Universal Bank, A-Bank and iBox Network.

This was told by Monobank co-founder Oleg Gorokhovsky, who also apologized to all customers who did not receive the expected level of service with Monobank’s collaboration with Taskcombank.

Earlier, some customers started having difficulty withdrawing cash from Taskbank deposits, which limited the issuance of $ 150 thousand. Despite the fact that the new law on financial monitoring has raised the bar of operation to 400 thousand UAH.

Monobank is a joint project of Universal Bank and the FinTech band team, created by former top managers of PrivantBank Dmitry Dubulet, Oleg Gorokhovsky and Mikhail Rozalski. Monobank is the first mobile bank in Ukraine without branches. Universal Bank is part of Sergey Tigipco’s TAS group since December 2016.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Monobank co-founder Oleg Gorokhovsky announced the launch of a new service – a service for the bank’s wealth accumulation. As stated by Gorokhovsky, the “bank” service from Monobank will allow you to save small and large amounts with no indication of purpose, use multiple opportunities for accumulation (“rules”), accumulation of funds in different currencies. Do and replenish any card – hryvnia and currency.

It also provides an opportunity to accumulate independently or with the participation of friends. “Invited friends can also set up accumulation rules in your bank and see its contents in their statements,” the entrepreneur said. They can be refilled by a link you send to a friend.

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