Monobank launches a new service for drivers


Customers will now be able to receive penalty notifications for traffic violations


Monobank has launched a new service for drivers. Photo:

The first Monobank Mobile Bank will inform customers about the presence of fines for traffic violations. This was announced by the bank’s co-owner Oleg Gorokhovsky in his Telegram channel.

“On 1 June, Ukraine introduced a system of photo and video recording of traffic violations. After the breach is corrected by the camera, a resolution is formed, which is sent by mail to the owner of the car. We can get this information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to the client’s tin. If a resolution appears on the customer, we will immediately notify it in the application and duplicate the email, ”said Gorokhovsky.

After receiving the notification, the customer will be able to pay the fine in the application without commission including credit funds.

According to the new rules, if you pay a fine in the first 10 days, the car owner gets a discount of 50%. If you pay later after 31 days, the amount of the penalty doubles, the banker said.


“The fixation system is still operating in Kiev and the region, and we can only notify customers of such fines when they allow us to do so,” said Gorokhovsky.

On Wednesday, June 10, Monobank sent a letter to all car owners in an application asking them to report the fine.

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We previously wrote that the OpenDataBot service starts a service to pay fines using Viber, Messenger and Telegram. In addition, drivers will be able to check for fines in one of the listed messengers.

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