More than half of Ukrainians consider vocational education prestigious – MY



More than half of Ukrainians consider vocational education prestigious - MY

More than half of Ukrainians consider vocational education prestigious – MY


6/19/2020 3:15 AM


Most Ukrainians think it is prestigious to have vocational training and the country is now short of skilled workers.

This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Pyotr Korzhevsky during the presentation of the results of two national studies of vocational education, informs the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

“For a long time, in the vocational education system, there has been no study on the pan-Ukrainian level, which in figures would show the real state of things and needs. We are constantly working with education managers and listening to their opinions, but it is important to understand the position of students and people working outside the education system. The results will be useful for planning the next stages of the reform, which the Ministry of Education and Science is currently implementing in collaboration with partners and the EU4Skills program. It will also help defend the interests of professional technicians, ”said Korzhevsky.

The first study concerns the attitude of Ukrainians towards vocational education, their awareness of the reform.

It showed that 56% of respondents consider vocational education as prestigious or rather prestigious, while 40% – not prestigious or rather not prestigious. It is important that a positive perception of professional technicians can be traced back to the advanced age group, while young people consider such education to be less prestigious.

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The study also showed that residents of the North (56%) and the Center (55%) have a more positive perception of vocational training compared to Ukrainians in Kiev (38%) and in the eastern regions (43%). In addition, a third of respondents (33%) believe there are enough skilled workers in the country, while the majority (65%) do not agree with this statement.

In addition, according to the study, 37% of young people aged 16 to 19 believe that vocational education offers the same chances of personal success as higher education (29%), and 20% of those questioned noted that active profession allows you to earn decent money. however, they did not agree as much with this opinion.

“Another problem that the study showed was a lack of awareness of the vocational education reform and the changes that have already taken place. Only 15% of respondents have heard of reform in the past three months. Among these, less than 5% are potential entrants in professional equipment. Therefore, this year we have strengthened the membership information campaign, we are creating more materials on the changes and benefits of such education, and we are also attracting new ambassadors, ”noted Korzhevsky.

An online study among students of vocational education establishments, carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science in June 2020, was to reveal students’ satisfaction with the quality and the learning conditions.

Almost all respondents indicated that they like / rather like to study in a vocational school (87%), and the material taught there, in their opinion, is up to date (70%, yes / rather yes).

Participants, in particular, indicate that practice in the workplace or in an institution is an important element that helps to better understand the characteristics of the profession (72%) and makes learning dynamic. At the same time, the list of things that could improve the quality of training or make it more comfortable includes infrastructure: equipment in workshops, repairs in institutions, sports centers and dormitories, educational materials – books, booklets, posters, etc.

Research on the attitude of Ukrainians towards vocational education was carried out by InfoSapience in April 2020 on the orders of the EU program EU4Skills and the Ministry of Education and Science. The study is representative by the criteria of sex, age, size of the colony and the macro-region, with the exception of the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea. The survey was conducted using the CATI method (telephone interviews) as part of the OMNIBUS study.

An online survey on the quality and conditions of training was carried out by the Directorate of Professional Training of the Ministry of Education and Science. The questions in the questionnaire were answered by 21,222 students from vocational education establishments (38% of higher vocational schools, 33% of vocational schools, 18% of vocational schools, 11% – other types of establishments) from 24 regions and of the city of Kiev.

The EU4Skills program supports the reform of vocational education in Ukraine with the aim of making training adapted to the demands of the labor market, helping young people and adults to realize their own potential. The program is implemented with the support of the EU and its member states – Germany, Finland, Poland and Estonia.

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