Mosquitoes as sources of coronavirus transfer: scientists have discovered the level of imminent threat



The coronavirus is firmly entrenched in people’s heads today. It not only changed the pace of life for citizens, but made them think daily about how not to be infected and not to be included in patient statistics.

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Mosquitoes as sources of transfer of coronaviruses.
Scientists have said whether mosquitoes can be sources of transmission of coronaviruses. Photo:

Therefore, people are interested in everything related to the spread of Chinese infection. As part of the upcoming insect season, many are concerned about the possible impact of mosquitoes. Will they worsen the spread of the coronavirus epidemic?

So you can breathe a sigh of relief – this “bloodsucking” infection cannot bear.

“Malaria, yellow fever, dengue – they suffer from many different diseases. But there is no evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted by mosquitoes. The same can be attributed, for example, to flies, “ – dispelled the fears of the entomologist Julia Lovtsova.

In addition, it is known that Chinese scientists have even conducted special studies to find out if bloodsuckers could carry the virus. The result was negative.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine was approaching the peak of the coronavirus epidemic.



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