Motorola Edge +, here’s how Vidhance algorithms enhance video


Presented last week, Motorola Edge + attracted the attention of fans not only at a very high price (1199 euros), but, to be honest, a logical consequence of this, for an excellent technical passport.

Among the strengths of the recent top of the winged house, of course, there are photographic sectorcharacterized primarily 108 megapixel sensor and even more advanced software support. Algorithms testify to this. Vidhanceprovided by the Swedish company Imint, which has made a huge leap in quality, especially with regard to video recording. The Scandinavian company explained in detail the exclusive solutions available on Motorola Edge +, let’s find out.

Vidhance video stabilization with active OISTo begin with, it works by combining optical and electronic stabilization, not only minimizing the blurring typical of flickering or hand movements, but also providing excellent results in low light conditions. Then there is Vijans Horizon Correction which aligns the horizon when processing video, and Dynamic blur reduction as you can easily guess, it acts to reduce blur.

Finally, Field of view correctionan algorithm that instead enters the scene when zoomed in Motorola Edge +avoiding classic visual artifacts.


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