Motorola Razr gets Android 10 and several updates for an external display


It was certainly one of the most intriguing smartphones in the last few months, but at least for today it has not achieved the expected success: Motorola Razr This is the first device with a folding display of the winged house, and today it is trying to make an important qualitative leap.

An update is released that not only brings switch to Android 10 but it offers new features that will make it much more “central” additional screen, More specifically, by swiping left and right on the external display, you can respectively access the contacts (a numeric keypad will also appear) and access the camera (and, therefore, take a selfie without opening the smartphone).

That’s not all: with a small keyboard and function Smart answer You can reply to messages received on Whatsapp and other instant messaging applications, notifications will appear on tabs like “regular”, and support also extends to other applications (such as Spotify or Google Maps).

Moving to Android 10, in the meantime, all the features that characterize the latest stable version of the green robot and which we learned about in the last few months will be available. There is also a dark mode. Update to Android 10 on Motorola Razr it is deployed in the United States, but will soon also include units sold in the rest of the world.


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