Murder of Sarmat: the court released four accused in the case




Murder of Sarmat: the court released four accused in the case

05/30.2020 00:54


The Berdyansk City Court changed the restraint imposed on four people involved in the murder of an ATO veteran, Vitaliy Oleshko, with the call sign “Sarmat”.

They were released under house arrest, reports Gromadske.

The preventive measure has been replaced by Mikhail Sigida, Nikolai Lomako, Alexander Obukhov, Maxim Vlidimirenkov. The defense of the accused asked them for a house arrest every night.

The lawyer for Sarmat’s wife, Tatyana Oleshko, Dmitry Bubnov, described this court decision as “premature”.

“We and the prosecutor have asked to extend the coercive measure in the form of detention. We believe that the prosecutor announced in his petition that there are all the risks he has expressed – this is the concealment, pressure on the investigation, creation of an alibi, meeting with unknown persons for the moment in this case, persons, pressure on the victims and witnesses in any way whatsoever to change the testimony, “said the lawyer.

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The defense of the accused claims that the accused Mikhail Sigida does not admit his guilt and intends to prove it in court. He will not run away.

The seven suspects all deny having been implicated in the crime, with the exception of Artyom Matyushin, the accused shooter. At previous meetings, the latter asked for the release of all but him.

At the same time, the court extended detention to other defendants – Viktor Vlasyuk, Artyom Matyushin, Denis Zelenkin, Taras Movchan, Sergey Smirnov, Ruslan Kuznetsov and Yevgeny Brodsky was extended under house arrest every night.

As reported, Vitaliy Oleshko was shot on July 31, 2018 in Berdyansk in front of his wife and friend.

Police arrested Artem Matyushin, a Tornado battalion veteran, NK Promstroy construction manager Nikolay Lomaku, Alexander Obukhov and Maxim Volodimirenkov, 39, suspected of having committed a crime.

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According to law enforcement officials, these are the people who came to Sarmat’s house and shot him. The killer entered the courtyard of a hotel owned by Oleshko and shot him twice in the back. The 43-year-old man died of injuries instantly.

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