Museum director Gonchar said he had not applied for the post of Minister of Culture



Museum director Gonchar said he had not applied for the post of Minister of Culture

Museum director Gonchar said he had not applied for the post of Minister of Culture

05/30.2020 17:11


Museum director Ivan Gonchar, Petr Gonchar, says he is not applying for the vacant post of Minister of Culture, despite such an initiative by public activists.

He wrote about it on Facebook.

“This petition (a petition on the President’s website for the appointment of the Minister of Culture – note) was created and published by public activists, without the initiative of mine and the staff of the Ivan Gonchar Museum. I thank people for their confidence in me, a tribute to my work and to the museum … I see the need to remain as the director of the Ivan Gonchar museum and not to apply for the post of minister. I will support the future head of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, who will act within the framework of the law for the benefit of Ukraine, will contribute to the development of our culture and sport, ”he wrote.

Petr Gonchar noted that he has worked and developed in the museum field for over 25 years, is the curator of numerous exhibitions and cultural projects.

“Therefore, in the future, I try to put my knowledge and skills at the service of the development of museum activities,” said the director of the museum.

As reported by Ukrinform, on May 26, an exhibition of paintings from the private collection of ex-President Petro Poroshenko was presented at the Ivan Gonchar Museum. This coincided with Poroshenko’s call to be questioned at the State Security Bureau as a witness in criminal proceedings concerning the circumstances of the case of the illegal transfer of cultural property across the border, namely to hide from control customs collection of 43 paintings by world famous artists. However, Poroshenko, at the time when the interrogation was to begin, represented the exhibition.

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Subsequently, representatives of GBR arrived at the museum. According to representatives of the institution, security officials broke the door. However, they did not submit any documents. On leaving the museum, representatives of the State Rescue Bureau seized the originals of the customs declarations for 43 paintings presented at the exhibition, their list and the payment orders for payment made from Poroshenko’s personal account after paying the taxes.

The museum’s Ukrinform has been informed that the exhibition of works by artists from the 19th and 20th centuries from the private collection of the Poroshenko family was not previously planned, but was placed at the request of the fifth president of the Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

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