“My wife hates it when I work at home”: a street artist from Banksy has created a new work in isolation



The self-isolation regime of many people has been forced to reconsider the usual routine of life and learn to work from home. This transition has not been the easiest for many: someone lacks communication with colleagues, while others find it difficult to adjust to the working environment at home.

Those familiar with these issues should take the example of street artist Banksy, who has proven that you can work productively in all conditions!

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The famous street artist who hides his identity (there are several versions of who he really is) showed his new work, which he carried out in his “home office”.

Instead of city streets and buildings around the world, the graffiti artist only had his own bathroom, but Banksy used this space in the most creative way possible. However, it seems that not everyone was delighted with this work.

My wife hates it when I work at home,

– with a sense of humor signed a photo of Banksy.

The artist painted the walls and the toilets, creating a funny installation: the painted rats make a mess.

365th day of quarantine,

– one of the subscribers commented with irony.

But if the woman, according to Banksy, can be skeptical about these arts, then the author’s fans were delighted with the new work. The number of likes by network users is already approaching the two million mark.

What about Banksy’s self-isolation?

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