NABU detectives took samples from Brother Ermak’s voice



NABU detectives took samples from Brother Ermak's voice

Detectives from the National Anti-Corruption Office have investigated the brother of the president’s cabinet, Andrei Yermak Denis, in the case of the videos in which he allegedly discussed the cost of posts with the candidates.

This was announced in a comment by Ukrinform, Denis Yermak’s lawyer Ivan Kholondovich.

“An interrogation of Denis Yermak took place at NABU, which lasted 2 hours,” he said.

In addition, according to the lawyer, the office workers selected samples of his client’s voice for examination.

Investigative actions have taken place as part of a criminal investigation opened by the SAP following the application of the People’s Assistant of the “Servant of the People” Geo Leros concerning the commission of corruption offenses when he was appointed to positions in government bodies.

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Geo Leros was reported to post a series of videos on Facebook on March 29 in which the brother of the Speaker of the Parliament, Andrei Yermak, allegedly discusses the alleged question of appointment to government positions with his interlocutors. for money.

The head of the president’s cabinet, Andrei Yermak, has turned to the SBU and the State Security Bureau in this regard because he says we are talking about planned action and national security issues.

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The head of the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, Nazar Kholodnitsky, opened criminal proceedings following the call of deputy Geo Leros to receive bribes when he was appointed to government posts.

The State Security Bureau opened a criminal case on Yermak’s statement regarding the distribution of documents on the alleged sale of government positions.

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